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    What better recommendation than to hear what real customers have to say? Our previous customers can tell you better than anyone just how effective our product has been for them.  Discover what they're saying about our new TB 220 and our first rate service.

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We take pride in providing high quality products to all of our customers. Read what some of our satisfied clients have said about us!

  • "The Turf Brush is one of the most effective grooming tools I have purchased in the past twenty years. This multi purpose brush works topdressing sand into our A1 canopy better than any other brush on the market and fills aerification holes with very little effort. We have also found that the dual motion brushing action of the Turf Brush stands the grass blades up, reducing grain, producing a fine textured putting surface. In 2009, we purchased our second Turf Brush and are considering purchasing several more to incorporate into our fairway program."
    Michael Sauls
    Butler National Golf Club, Oakbrook, IL

  • "I have been power brooming greens for years and never thought there could be anything better than what I was using, then you brought me the Turf Brush and we are able to do twice as much with one less brush - plus there is no engine to maintain and it is a painfully simple machine to use. Another thing that I really like is that I have better control over the amount of sand I leave in the canopy. Great unit! Thanks for introducing us to the Turf Brush."
    Matt Shaffer, Merion Golf Club
  • “The Turf Brush is pivotal in my arsenal for maintaining a premiere putting surface on the 63 holes of public golf we maintain. The versatility of the brush has been a real asset and a very effective tool for grooming the greens. The players are overwhelmed with the improved putting quality. We have ordered a second brush for 2011. For the price we paid, this could be one of the best investments in a piece of grooming equipment that we have ever made.”
    Dave Hassel, CGCS