• Wireless ControllerWireless Controller

    Our newest option for the TB 220 Turf Brush, the wireless controller, can be added in minutes with two fasteners & quick connect plug: sealed for durability; two wireless remotes; rechargeable battery, PLUS CHARGER; no wiring to the battery; one click to wired or wireless; works on new and existing TB 220's.

  • Quality Turf CareQuality Turf Care

    The TB 220 Grooming Brush, US Patent No. 9,185,150 ... a versatile, labor-saving grooming tool for turf that improves the appearance, playing quality, and growing conditions of golf courses and sports fields. An affordable investment for a turf manager's program from 9 hole courses to major tournament venues.

  • Multi - PurposeMulti - Purpose

    The TB 220 Turf Brush is used for several routine maintenance tasks including GROOMING - lifting the long, laid-over grass blades so a mower can cleanly cut them; for MOVING TOPDRESSING into the canopy of the turf; and it's perfect for BACKFILLING voids after aerifying, spiking, or verticutting procedures.

  • Easily TransportedEasily Transported

    Many different vehicles can be used to tow the TB 220 Turf Brush. An industrial grade electric actuator raises or lowers the slowly spinning brushes in less than 4 seconds! This allows the operator to "stripe" the turf area with the brush if desired.

  • TB 220 FeaturesTB 220 Features

    New features of the TB 220 ... 10 - 15% lighter than the competition; quick and accurate cam-style brush height adjustment; true, free floating brush system; completely sealed chain guard; front or rear brush lockout (single brush mode) for undulating greens or light top dressing and so much more.

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We're committed to providing our customers with superior quality turf care products. As we strive for 100% satisfaction, our goal is to exceed expectations by offering our highest level of service, quality and professional integrity that will insure positive relationships well into the future.


Watch the TB 220™ in Action

The TB 220™ Turf Brush is our second generation grooming tool with two cylindrical brushes rotating in the same direction.  The Turf Brush can move a surprisingly large amount of sand or topdressing material.

Setup is very straightforward with very few assembly steps required. Follow the instructions and you will be ready to operate the brush in no time.


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Assembly and setup can be found in the Owner's & Operators Manual.


Very few assembly steps are required.  Just follow the instructions in the Owner's & Operators Manual and you'll be ready to operate the brush in no time.

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TB 220 Tutorial - Download Here

Download the TB 220 Tutorial for a summary of the most efficient and successful patterns of use to date.

TB 200 Manual - Download Here

Download the TB 200 Operator's Manual for setup, operating and maintenance instructions.